Faith and Integral Development

The Church [...] intends to propose a humanism that is up to the standards of God's plan of love in history, an integral and solidary humanism capable of creating a new social, economic and political order, founded on the dignity and freedom of every human person, to be brought about in peace, justice and solidarity

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 19

The Dicastery promotes integral human development, gathering inspiration from the Gospel and in the wake of the theology and social doctrine of the Church. 

It studies and collects news and results of inquiries on justice and peace, the progress of peoples, the promotion and protection of dignity and human rights, disarmament and armed conflicts, as well as their tragic consequences on civilians and the natural environment. By integrating, linking and promoting dialogue amongst the various social systems - such as economics, finance, employment, politics, culture - the Dicastery strives to make the social teachings of the Church known and put into practice.



Long live the circus! The festival of Italian Circus

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Long live the circus! The festival of Italian Circus

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