Fringes of humanity

The very concept of person, born and matured in Christianity, fosters the pursuit of a fully human development. Because person always signifies relationship, not individualism; it affirms inclusion, not exclusion; unique and inviolable dignity, not exploitation; freedom and not constraint.

Pope Francis, Address for the 50° Anniversary of Populorum Progressio, 4 April 2017

In promoting integral human development, the Dicastery gives particular attention towards the “fringes of humanity”, in other words, the condition of lives affected by marginalization, abandonment, pain, deprivation, the loss of sense and hope. The poor, ill, marginalized, itinerants, circus performers, the displaced, gypsies, prisoners, the lonely and people who live and work at sea or on the road are those who benefit from the initiatives of assistance, care and human, social and spiritual promotion. 



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