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Vatican COVID-19 Commission is constantly present in world's media. Media are interested in the work of the taskforces and cover the initiatives and research results that the working groups carry out on a daily basis.



In this section, we publish a selection of articles of interest and interviews that have appeared in the media since the establishment of the Commission.




Commission in the News

The reviews below are just a significant selection of the outputs of media and journalist coverage of the Vatican Commission COVID-19.

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Vatican News - COVID-19 Special


A link to the Vatican News page dedicated in a special way to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stories and testimonies, events that tell the beauty of the faith that sustains and guides our steps to be taken for the future.

Latest News

03 August 2020

"Humana Communitas" in the Age of Pandemic

24 July 2020

COVID-19 emergency, the Dicastery meets the bishops of Chile and Peru

21 July 2020

Care, contemplate, discern and act mercifully


Commission in the News

Commission in the News

Commission in the News

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