Faith Communications in the Digital Age: a project on integral security with the Dicastery for Communication

Integral Security: a project with the Dicastery for Communication

Integral Security: a project with the Dicastery for Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed novel insights into the interconnected nature of modern peace and security threats. Since the inception of the Vatican’s Covid-19 Commission in March 2020, the Security Taskforce has worked to understand analyze, and imagine new solutions to these complex threats. To further this study, a collaboration with the Dicastery for Communication's Faith Communications in the Digital Age Program launched a unique, digital project engaging with the local church in a novel way to consider how a holistic view of security challenges might impact individuals, communities, and nations.


The pursuit of peace and security continues to remain at the heart of human desire as we face multiple humanitarian crises in different areas of the planet.[1] The health, food, environmental, economic and social crises are deeply interrelated and “only if we act together can we achieve new solutions that can solve the challenges we have to overcome.”[2] As we are reminded by Pope Francis, “we are a global community, all in the same boat, where one person’s problems are the problems of all.”[3]


Integral Security anchors security to solidarity, justice, integral human development, the respect for fundamental human rights, and the care for creation.[4] It highlights how solidarity and collaboration can motivate all of us as peacebuilders understanding that “Peace is not merely the absence of war, nor can it be reduced solely to the maintenance of a balance of power between enemies,”[5] and that “in the end, a peace which is not the result of integral development will be doomed; it will always spawn new conflicts and various forms of violence”[6] (Evangelii Gaudium, 219).


The project, coordinated by 4 young communications professionals from Poland, India, the Philippines, and the United States, calls for brief reflections answering the question: how does the concept of Integral Security resonate with you? The question is inspired by Pope Francis’s recent messages on Ukraine where he asks each of us to answer in our heart, “what am I doing today for the Ukrainian people? Do I pray? Am I doing something? Do I try to understand?”[7] He states, “The world needs peace. Not a peace based on the balance of weapons, on mutual fear.” “Let us ask ourselves whether we have the capacity to collaborate; whether we know how to make decisions together, sincerely respecting those who are alongside us and taking into account their point of view; whether we do so in community, not by ourselves.”[8]


To participate in the project or view the results, you can interact with image below[1]  or visit the site here.

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29 September 2022