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The group is coordinated by the Dicastery for Communication, it disseminates information and reflections produced by the Groups and promotes communication with local Churches helping them to respond authentically and credibly in the post-Covid-19 world.

Weekly Briefings

Thematic contributions: communication at the time of COVID-19

In this section, Working Group 3 proposes some contributions and interventions, from members of the Vatican Covid-19 Commission itself, from experts and analysts, internal and external to the Holy See and to the Church, on the media and communication theme in light of global challenges that the pandemic is posing to contemporary humanity. The texts presented here do not always necessarily reflect the Commission's thinking, nor do they imply its responsibility.



A link to the Vatican News page dedicated in a special way to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stories and testimonies, events that tell the beauty of the faith that sustains and guides our steps to be taken for the future.



A dedicated address<br>  for media operators

A dedicated address
for media operators

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