Listening to the pulse of time and Spirit to generate a new life

Reflections and results of the research and studies are collected in podcasts that the Vatican COVID-19 Commission makes available to anyone who wants to stay informed about the progress of the work it is carrying out.

We share some of the best podcasts produced during the work of the taskforces, on the topics of ecology, security, economy and health.

Enjoy listening and learning!

* We are grateful to FaithInvest and BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme. We would also like to thank our podcast presenters Edward Stourton and Rosie Dawson and Vatican Radio (Vatican News), for their collaboration and support in the realization of this section of the Vatican Covid-19 Commission. 

For now, only podcasts in English. 

Podcasts from the Future #PodcastsFromFuture

CardinalTurksoninRadioVaticana.jpg CardinalTurksoninRadioVaticana.jpg

Cardinal Peter Turkson

Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development

LornaGold.jpg LornaGold.jpg

Lorna Gold

Vice Chair, Global Catholic Climate Movement / FaithInvest

ARC-Martin-Lambeth Palace.jpeg.jpg ARC-Martin-Lambeth Palace.jpeg.jpg

Martin Palmer

President of FaithInvest

EsbenLarsen-003.jpg EsbenLarsen-003.jpg

Esben Lunde Larsen

Fellow (Food Program), World Resources Institute

DanMislehInspired.jpg DanMislehInspired.jpg

Dan Misleh

Executive Director of Catholic Climate Covenant, USA

AllenOttaro-001.jpg AllenOttaro-001.jpg

Allen Ottaro

Executive Director, Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa

SUSANHEDERSHOTmaxresdefault.jpg SUSANHEDERSHOTmaxresdefault.jpg

Susan Hendershot

President, The Regeneration Project/Interfaith Power and Light

Entriamo in contatto

Entriamo in contatto