"Surely there is a need to “re-animate” the economy! (...) We need to correct models of growth incapable of guaranteeing respect for the environment, openness to life, concern for the family, social equality, the dignity of workers and the rights of future generations (...) to set in place a new economic model, the fruit of a culture of communion based on fraternity and equality". 

Pope Francis, “Economy of Francesco”, Assisi, 2020

The Dicastery, in cooperation with Episcopal Conferences, their regional and continental groupings and the hierarchical structures of the Eastern Churches, promotes the fight against poverty, and works with national and international institutions for the pursuit of integral human development. It promotes and defends equitable economic models and sober lifestyles, especially by promoting initiatives against the economic and social exploitation of poor countries, asymmetrical commercial relations, financial speculation and development models that create exclusion. (PE, art. 167-168).

13 April 2021

DSSUI joins campaign for debt cancellation in Africa, 13 April 2021

08 April 2021

COVID-19 Debt Relief Campaign in Africa

09 February 2021

Presentation of document "Old age: our future"

01 December 2020

The new website dedicated to Fratelli tutti now online

01 December 2020

The new website dedicated to Fratelli tutti now online

09 November 2020

The Economy of Francesco - international online event

21 October 2020

World Meeting of Popular Meetings with Vatican