Associated Institutions

The Caritas Confederation, which the Holy See has always followed with particular attention, was established in 1951, with the approval of the Statutes of the “International Conference on Charity”. Later, it took on its present name of Caritas Internationalis. On July 19, 1976, it was granted civil juridical personality of the Vatican City State.

With the publication of the Pontifical Chirograph “During the Last Supper” on September 16, 2004, Pope John Paul II, accordingly to the Canon Laws 116-123 of the Code of Canon Law,  granted public canonical legal personality to Caritas Internationalis, which, operating throughout the world, “draws inspiration for its action from the Gospel and from the Tradition of the Church” (n. 2). The Chirograph defines Caritas Internationalis as “a Confederation of charitable agencies, usually the national branches of Caritas. Without limiting the autonomy to which these branches are entitled, it fosters their collaboration through its activities of animation, coordination and representation”.    

Caritas Internationalis has 165 members.

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