Preparing the future

This group is coordinated by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, it does research and studies of the present COVID-19 epidemic and its related issues and to think about a post Covid-19 society and world, especially in areas of ecology, economics, labour, healthcare, politics, communications and security.


Partners of this Working Group are the Pontifical Academy for Life, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and the many organizations collaborating with DPIHD.


Here below some useful links. The reference to the following links does not imply acceptance of the contents of the same by the Commission, which remains exempt from any responsibility.

Full Reports

Here below you find some of the papers submitted to the Commission that reflect the topics we have been working on. Papers that are published in this section reflect come of the discussions inside the Vatican Covid-19 Commission. The Commission makes them available, but it does not necessarily endorse their contents or positions



- Paper 3 Cities at the front line of recovery and impact

- Paper 4 Food Loss and Waste in the context of the COVID-19 crisis

- Paper 5 Plant the seeds of a sustainable and secure food future

- Paper 6 Use government economic stimulus packages to build back better

- Paper 7 Water, Human Health, and the COVID-19 Crisis

- Paper 8 Regenerative Business

- Paper 9 Regenerative Finance

- Paper 10 Regenerative Work



A new imagination of the possible

03 December 2020

Vatican Covid-19 Commission and its partners organize a webinar Climate Ambition Summit

26 October 2020

Art Impact 4 Health & SDGs Exhibit: a delegation of the Dicastery at the UN in Geneva

21 October 2020

World Meeting of Popular Meetings with Vatican

08 October 2020

ENCYCLICAL LETTER "Fratelli tutti" on Fraternity and Social Friendship

What consequences have migrants, refugees, and victims of trafficking suffered due to the impact of Covid-19? What has been the response of the Church committed to welcoming, protecting, promoting, and integrating them?


The Vatican COVID-19 Commission and M&R Section Bulletin endeavour to answer these questions by seeking to better understand the crisis’ impact on these groups and presenting guidelines and good practices undertaken by the Church, in the hope that they can be of inspiration for other Catholic actors.


In particular, the 2022 Bulletin looks into the future of labour with the intent to promote necessary structural changes and solutions that might help build a new future in which there is Work for all, including Migrants and Refugees.




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