The Dicastery promotes the integral development of the person in light of the Gospel and in line with the Social Doctrine of the Church. It dedicates particular attention to taking care of the goods of justice, peace and the safeguarding of Creation, as well as issues regarding disarmament, human rights, human mobility, health, charitable works, expressing the concern and attention of the Pope towards a humanity that suffers, among whom are the needy, the ill and the excluded. In addition, the Dicastery follows issues regarding the necessities of those who are forced to abandon their own countries or those who are without one, the marginalized, the victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters, prisoners, the unemployed and victims of contemporary forms of slavery and torture and other people whose dignity is at risk.

The Dicastery promotes its activities by means of a network of interactions that involve local Churches, Episcopal Conferences, the other organs of the Roman Curia, the international organizations (both Catholic and non-Catholic), the relations with governments and supranational organizations.

The entire Dicastery is divided into four operational Areas or Sections: Management; Research and Study; Pastoral Works and Diakonia; Migrants and Refugees. All the areas cooperate towards reaching the goals of the Dicastery in the fields of the Margins of Humanity, Safeguarding Creation, Faith and Integral Development.

Each area is headed by its respective Under-Secretary.




It coordinates the services needed to run and operate the Dicastery: the Secretariat, Administrations, Communications, Archives, Library, Event Logistics and General Services. It carries out interdisciplinary functions and those that overlap into the Dicastery’s various areas of competence.

The Under-Secretary is Fr. Nicola Riccardi, OFM.


Research and study

This deals with the study and development of the social “thinking” of the Church; it determines the needs and monitors the evolution of the social, cultural, environmental and religious context, promoting the awareness of the theological and anthropological principles, together with other values, with the aim of encouraging discernment in favor of human integral development. It heads the offices on the themes of: Theology and the Social Doctrine of the Church; Faith and Development; Ecology and Creation.

The area is coordinated directly by the two Secretaries: Msgr. Bruno-Marie Duffé and Fr. Augusto Zampini Davies


Pastoral works and diakonia

This area promotes integral human development, putting into practice the solicitude of the Pope and the Holy See as far as charitable works and humanitarian projects are concerned, in collaboration with the local Churches, the Catholic and non-Catholic entities. It is divided into offices on the themes of: Charity Services and Foundations; Health Services; Migrant Services.

The Under-Secretary is: Msgr.  Segundo Tejado Muñoz.


Migrants and refugees

Within the Dicastery a specific Section dedicated to migrants and refugees was created. It assists the Holy Father in the promotion and efficient action for the good of migrants, refugees and victims of human trafficking. It gathers information and gives scientific evaluations and theological studies on these matters. It collaborates with local Churches and Episcopal Conferences for coordinated action. The Section was placed directly under the Holy Father’s direction ad tempus.

The Under-Secretaries are: Fr. Michael Czerny, SJ and Fr. Fabio Baggio, CS.

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