At the service of human community

An ethical approach to the International Debt Question

At the service of human community

The phenomenon of international indebtedness has been aggravated with particular acuity, placing the international community, both for its proportions and for the stakes at stake, in front of new challenges. For this reason, in 1986 the Holy Father John Paul II, asked the then Pontifical Commission "Iustitia et Pax" to deepen its reflection and to propose to the various stakeholders - creditor and debtor countries, financial institutions and commercial banks - criteria for discernment and a method of analysis "for an ethical approach to the international debt". This document is intended to help clarify the choices of those who exercise responsibility in this privileged place of international solidarity.

We present the second edition of the volume "At the service of the human community. An ethical approach to international debt". The reprint, in an electronic version and downloadable from this site, is intended to offer all scholars and those involved in human rights the opportunity to access this important tool for study and reflection, which is no longer available in paper format. 

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13 July 2018