The Road to Cop15

A Laudato Si’ inspired Biodiversity Webinar event with Cardinal Peter Turkson and invited guest Dr. Jane Goodall.
April 20th, from 12:00pm - 1:15pm (CEST)

Today we face multiple crises. The COVID health crisis, the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis are three interconnected crises calling us to change direction towards a regenerative civilization with an integral ecological pattern of life. The 2020 United Nations Global Biodiversity Report notes the importance of biodiversity in addressing climate change, long-term food security and concludes that action to protect biodiversity is essential to prevent future pandemics. We, leaders of universities, scientific research and ecclesial bodies sense that we are at an inflection point, with life altering consequences and a responsibility to act. It is time to amplify Pope Francis’ teachings in Laudato Si’ to create life giving relationships with creation and inspire thousands of people to do the same with the output of our roundtable, public webinar, education and advocacy to regenerate healthy ecosystems on Earth. When biodiversity flourishes, human life flourishes. Using a 5P formula: Purpose(s), Principles, Provocations, Practices, Proposals, we will work collaboratively to transmit Laudato Si’ applied to biodiversity among church, scientific and decision-makers.


●      To share wisdom, understandings, experiences, examples and insights from one another and from the disciplines of knowledge including Indigenous, Science, Sacred Scripture, Catholic Social Teaching (Laudato Si’) on biodiversity that will educate, advocate and inspire biodiversity protection and restoration at the COP15 and COP26 meetings;

●      To invite the church community globally to generate dialogue about biodiversity so that we find new pathways forward for the church and the human family to heal and restore relationships with Creation. (Pillar 4 - Rebalancing social systems with nature in the wake of Covid19). For example, new proposals for integral human development.

Confirmed Speakers & Moderator

  • Cardinal Peter K. A. Turkson - Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. 
  • Dr. Jane Goodall - DBE Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace. More information available at this link.

Susana Espinosa-Soto - as the moderator.


  • A partnership between the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and the Vatican COVID-19 Commission Ecology Taskforce.
    Representing the Dicastery: Cardinal Peter K. A. Turkson and Father Joshtrom Kureethadam with colleagues Father Emmanuel Vyakuno, Tebaldo Vinciguerra.
    Representing the Vatican Covid-19 Commission Ecology Taskforce is Jacqui Remond, Chiara Martinelli and Ginevra Ossola.
  • Partners who are working with the Dicastery on biodiversity are GCCM, REBAC, RAOEN, CIDSE, CYNESA, USG and UISG, ISVUMI, Columbans, LISTEN, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, Parliament of the World’s Religions.


  • DATE AND HOUR: April 20th, from 12:00pm - 1:15pm (CEST); 6am – 7.15am EST; 8pm – 9.15pm Sydney
  • TRANSLATIONS will be available.French/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish
  • The Laudato Si’ Biodiversity Webinar will be recorded. Later we will publish on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL 
  • ZOOM: The zoom channel will be open for participants at ten to the top of the hour and we will aim to start promptly at the top of the hour. Please join us 30 minutes prior to the start time.
  • AGENDA: The webinar will commence with two presentations by each of the speakers for 10-12 minutes followed by a minute of quiet reflection, Q&As and dialogue.


15 April 2021