Informative roundtables about WASH in Catholic health care facilities: May 24, 26 and 27

Following the publication of the document Aqua fons vitae and the press release of March 21st, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development is pleased to provide an update on its WASH project (access to drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in a selected number of health care facilities belonging to the Catholic Church during five informative roundtables that will be held online:

May 24th        An event of the Laudato si’ Week - 6th anniversary of the encyclical

Roundtable with simultaneous translation in English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish 11.30 CEST Inscription link

Below you will find the  VIDEO of this session

May 26th        English roundtable: 7.30 CEST Registration link

French roundtable: 11.30 CEST Registration link

May 27th        English roundtable: 16.00 CEST Registration link

Spanish roundtable: 17.30 CEST Registration link

Interested participants will need to register in order to receive their link for the roundtable . These are public roundtable, and the Dicastery warmly invites representatives of health care facilities, of Bishops’ Commissions for health, of Congregations, of NGOs, of Embassies to the Holy See, as well as experts from Development Cooperation Agencies, Funding Organizations and journalists. Each roundtable will last approximately 1 hour. During this time:

·         The project (developed by the Dicastery in collaboration with Congregations, Bishops, the Caritas Confederation and Global Water 2020) will be presented.

·         The preliminary results of the assessments conducted in more than 150 facilities in 23 countries will be commented.

·         Testimonies will be shared.

·         Next steps and possible partnerships will be explained.

For information: -

“Fresh drinking water is an issue of primary importance, since it is indispensable for human life and for supporting terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Sources of fresh water are necessary for health care (…).One particularly serious problem is the quality of water available to the poor. Every day, unsafe water results in many deaths and the spread of water-related diseases, including those caused by microorganisms and chemical substances. Dysentery and cholera, linked to inadequate hygiene and water supplies, are a significant cause of suffering and of infant mortality.”

Pope Francis, encyclical Laudato si’ § 28 and 29

“Those who enjoy a surplus of water yet choose to conserve it for the sake of the greater human family have attained a moral stature that allows them to look beyond themselves and the group to which they belong. How marvellously human!”

Pope Francis, encyclical Fratelli tutti § 117

Informative roundtables about WASH in Catholic health care facilities

05 May 2021