World Meeting on Human Fraternity

The first World Meeting on Human Fraternity with the motto: "Not alone" took place in St Peter’s Square on 10 June 2023.

"Not alone" was organized by the Vatican Fratelli tutti Foundation in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, the Basilica of St Peter, and the Dicastery for Communication.

Many artistic manifestations, symbolic gestures and testimonies alternated on stage. The main theme: the Encyclical Fratelli Tutti. The objective of the event was to rebuild "The culture of brotherhood in contemporary society" and promoting "social friendship between people and peoples as an antidote to multiple forms of violence and wars in the world."

The event was attended by numerous international leaders and changemakers, including some Nobel Peace Prize winners, heads of state, ambassadors, officials, young people, students, members of environmental and voluntary associations, migrants, homeless people. All actively contributed to the initiative by bringing a message of peace, social friendship, and fraternity.

In addition to the one in St Peter’s Square, similar meetings were held simultaneously in different parts of the world with the participation of many people.

At the end of the event, the participants jointly signed a Declaration on Human Fraternity to emphasize that “lost harmony blooms again when dignity is respected, tears are wiped away, work is fairly remunerated, education is guaranteed, health is cared for, diversity is appreciated, nature is restored, justice is honored, and communities face their loneliness and their fears.”  The call to build “a world of peace, justice and equality, to the benefit of the single human family” is addressed to all men and women of good will, because “only fraternity can generate humanity”.

26 May 2023