Aqua fons vitae: online the new Document from our Dicastery

The Spanish version of the document  Aqua fons vitae. Orientations on Water, symbol of the cry of the poor and the cry of the Earth.  has just been published on our website.This document was published in English last March, the month in which World Water Day 2020 was celebrated. It has its roots in the Social Magisterium of the Church and is inspired by the work carried out by members of the national and local Churches in various countries, "Aqua" being a term that connects us to many challenges facing the human family.

Aqua fons vitae. Guidelines on Water: symbol of the cry of the poor and the cry of the Earth .  The document distinguishes three aspects or dimensions related to water:

1) water for human use (2) water as a resource used in many human activities, in particular agriculture and industry3) water as a surface, i.e. rivers, underground aquifers, lakes and especially the oceans and seas.

For each aspect or dimension, the document presents the related challenges and operational proposals for increasing awareness and commitment at the local level. The final part of the document proposes a reflection on education and integrity.

Aqua fons vitae is now available on the Dicastero website in English, French and Spanish. Download them below or visit our "Documents" section

10 July 2020