A New International Financial Pact.

Note on finance and development in view of the Conference promoted by the United Nations General Assembly in Doha (18 November 2008)

A New International Financial Pact.

With Introduction by H.Em. Card. Renato R. Martino and H. Exc. Giampaolo Crepaldi, respectively President and Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (since August 2016, it merged into the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development), the Note A new international financial pact. Note on finance and development in view of the Conference promoted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in Doha was published as a Holy See's contribution to the important Conference.

"The Church's social doctrine, with its rich variety of moral principles, can and must make a contribution of realism and hope both to the issues on the table today, such as the financial crisis, and to issues that, while vital to most of the world, do not receive the attention they deserve. These are: the need for a new pact to rebuild the international financial system; the question of offshore financial centres and the link between development finance and taxation; the financial market and rules; the role of civil society in financing development" (from the Note).

The volume is divided into 5 chapters:

 Financing and Development: Importance of the Conference. - The main issues raised by the "Draft Document". - Financial crisis and public development aid. - Current direct investment in poor countries. - Financial cooperation for development. - Africa and development finance.

The Text is available here in:   FRA ITAPORESP

31 July 2018