Celebrations of the 2nd International Day of Human Fraternity

Numerous initiatives organised by the Holy See on the occasion of 4 February, the day that also marks the anniversary of the Document signed in Abu Dhabi in 2019

To achieve true human fraternity and to live - in peace - all under the same sky we need to take "concrete steps, together with the believers of other religions and people of good will". Pope Francis said this at the end of the General Audience on Wednesday 2 February, announcing the upcoming celebrations of the Second International Day of Human Fraternity

Here are the words of the Holy Father:

"The day after tomorrow, 4 February, we will celebrate the second International Day of Human Brotherhood. It is a reason for satisfaction that the nations of the entire world are joining in this celebration, aimed at promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue, as also called for in the Document on Human Brotherhood and for World Peace and Common Coexistence, signed on 4 February 2019 in Abu Dhabi, by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Muhammad Aḥmad al-Tayyib, and by myself. Brotherhood means reaching out to others, respecting them and listening to them with an open heart. I hope that concrete steps will be taken together with the believers of other religions, and also with people of good will, to affirm that today is a time of brotherhood, avoiding fuelling clashes, divisions, and closures. Let us pray and commit ourselves every day so that we can all live in peace, as brothers and sisters".

The VIDEO of the Pope for the Human Fraternity Day 2022 in Dubai

International Human Fraternity Day: February 4 the second anniversary

01 February 2022