Caritas Internationalis launches a new COVID-19 Response Fund

In an interview with Vaticannews, Secretary General Aloysius John announces the initiatives of the charitable organization that works in the ad hoc Vatican Commission

Caritas Internationalis has created a Response Fund for COVID-19, in order to provide immediate and effective responses. Designed to be a visible sign of the solidarity of the universal Church, this global fund will allow Caritas and other Catholic organizations to continue their assistance work and at the same time to introduce preventive measures aimed at limiting the infection of the virus, with particular attention to those countries where the spread of the epidemic would have far more devastating consequences than those we have witnessed in Europe.

"We try to be quick and agile to continue serving the most vulnerable," CI secretary general Aloysius John said in an interview with Vaticannews. "This is what the Holy Father asked us a few days ago, when we presented him our commitment against COVID-19."

Caritas Internationalis is in the Vatican Commission for COVID-19 wanted by Pope Francis, where together with the Dicastery he coordinates the first working group dedicated to listening and supporting local Churches.


Donations are possible through the Caritas Internationalis website:


through the current account at the Institute for Religious Works IBAN: VA29001000000020179007

17 April 2020