Colombia celebrates National Day for Reconciliation

On the occasion of the National Day of Reconciliation to be held in Colombia this May 3, the Bishops' Conference of Colombia (CEC) launched a call to adhere to this celebration with three concrete signs. 

The president of the Bishops' Conference of Colombia (CEC) and Archbishop of Bogotá, Mons. Luis José Rueda Aparicio, recalled in a video the appeal of Pope Francis that he made in 2017 in which he said, "Colombia let yourself be reconciled". 


In this line, Mons. Rueda encouraged to live three signs:  

  1. To place a cross (crucifix) in a visible place in the house "to say that your house, your home, is a place and a school of true reconciliation in Jesus Christ." 

  2. Make signs of reconciliation "with the people who are around you, with the people you work or study with".

  3. To pray that Colombia "may find ways of reconciliation and that all humanity may find Jesus Christ who reconciles us with the Father and makes us instruments of reconciliation, peace and new life".
03 May 2023