Promoting peace through youth and sport in Sierra Leone

Promoting peace through youth and sport in Sierra Leone

The event "Local Youth Groups Unite for Peace" is a remarkable collaborative effort between eight communities in the Western Urban Area of Freetown, in Sierra Leone, funded by the UN Peacebuilding Fund (UNPBF) and organized in partnership with Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and Caritas Freetown.

The primary objective of this initiative is to promote peace and unity among the youth through the universal language of football. By harnessing the power of sports, these local youth groups aim to convey powerful messages of peace to the general public and foster a sense of togetherness within the communities.

The participants come from diverse backgrounds, representing different communities and ethnicities, emphasizing the inclusive nature of the initiative. By engaging in friendly football matches, they demonstrate that despite their differences, they can come together and collaborate for a common cause.

The UNPBF's support for this initiative highlights the importance of investing in youth-driven activities that promote peacebuilding. Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and Caritas Freetown have played a crucial role in organizing and coordinating the event. Their expertise in peacebuilding and community development has contributed to the success of this endeavour.

In addition to the football matches, the event features various activities, including peace-themed art exhibitions, cultural performances, and interactive workshops. These activities aim to engage the broader community and raise awareness about the importance of peace, solidarity, and understanding.

The event serves as a powerful testament to the potential of youth-led initiatives in transforming societies and building a brighter future. It demonstrates that through collective efforts and a shared vision, young people can be catalysts for positive change and agents of peace.

17 October 2023