Populorum Progressio Foundation: at the service of the poorest populations in Latin America affected by COVID-19

The Populorum Progressio Foundation, following the guidelines of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, to which it belongs, places itself at the service of marginalized populations in Latin America and the Caribbean who suffer most painfully from the effects of the crisis generated by COVID-2019.

On the one hand, it extends the deadline for submitting projects for 2020 to 30 April. A special priority will be given to those projects which are dedicated to actions aimed at overcoming the crisis.

On the other hand, it allocates part of the resources available this year to a "Family-Basis-Baskets" program in peripheral and marginal territories with a majority of indigenous, peasant and Afro-descendant populations, which normally have little institutional presence and few offers for help.

The distribution will, as usual, be carried out through the local Bishops assisted by their episcopal delegations of social pastoral care. The selection of the beneficiary territories is made by six bishops from different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean who are part of the Foundation's Board of Directors.

Initially, 10,000 "Family-Basis-Baskets" will be distributed as a sign of the presence of the Holy Father and of the Church's solidarity within these communities. Since there will be many territories and communities in need of help, the Foundation encourages anyone who wishes - on a personal or institutional level - to join this program by funding some "Family-Basis-Baskets".

For more information and indications on how to proceed, you can write to the email fapp@humandevelopment.va.

16 April 2020