Church in Lebanon boosts training of young Christian leaders

Church in Lebanon boosts training of young Christian leaders

The Church in Lebanon is promoting an important initiative in favor of the formation of Christian leaders, known as CLeF (Christian Leadership Formation).  

It is a proposal for young people with the goal of preparing "leadership groups" of future Christian executives and decision-makers with a strong public commitment to be "a new hope for Lebanon".

The main objectives of this initiative are: to prepare young Christian executives to live their vocation as leaders according to Gospel values; to create and support a network of CLeF alumni involved in the public sector; to influence the culture through the example of these young Christian executives; and to make the Social Doctrine of the Church known to political parties, businesses and youth groups through various actions (round tables, social networks, speeches, etc.).   

Among the main topics of the curriculum are: the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church, the fundamentals of Christian leadership, humanistic mediation, and the analysis of local and global news.

This 6-month training course is essentially aimed at young Lebanese (21-35 years old) professionals and/or university students working in the public sector (politics, diplomacy, economics, media, and social movements).  

The director of CLeF, Sr. Noura Khoury-Hanna, explained that "through this initiative, young people discover the richness of the Social Doctrine of the Church and discern their vocation as committed lay people in various areas of social, economic and political life."  

"Together, during meetings and spiritual retreats, they review the quality of their commitment and support each other to incarnate in their daily lives the values they believe in, in their decisions and in their actions," she added.

Furthermore, Sr. Noura explained that "the young people who follow the course are already 'leaders', responsible in their communities of Christian life, in their businesses and in their political parties" but with the CLeF "they choose a commitment consistent with their faith and with the deep desire of the Holy Spirit in them", in fact, they take an "oath at the end of each cycle of formation".

The training is offered free of charge and does not require any financial contribution from the candidates. For more information, you can consult their social networks.

23 February 2024